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Benefits of a custom-made stainless steel bench vs a prefabricated one

Custom-made stainless steel benches offer a flexibility for customisation that allows for both creativity and a practical solution for your needs.

Prefabricated benches provide their own practicalities because you can design and build around them or even move them as you please.

Let’s be honest, stainless steel looks amazing. Whether it’s bench tops, sinks, cabinetry or cutlery, kettles and toasters, there is an association with stainless steel and quality. Outdoor kitchen areas with barbecues, sinks, cabinets and benches look much better and are way more practical and easier to keep clean than old rusty wooden frame or brick barbecue areas. Custom stainless steel benches become an extension of the cooking area to give the kitchen a professional look and feel while also making it a talking point at your next party.

Custom stainless steel benches

A custom kitchen bench will need to look good but also maintain durability and keep its integrity. Stainless steel benches are perfect because they are incredibly strong and durable. It is built to last because it contains a percentage of chromium. That can range from 10-20% and is added to harden and toughen the steel which makes it resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

Stainless steel is commonly used in both domestic and commercial indoor and outdoor kitchens or bench applications in butcher or takeaway shops for example, for a number of reasons.

These days a kitchen bench can become the centrepiece of a fit-out or custom design. Stainless steel benches can form part of or become one of the most visible kitchen areas. Custom kitchen benches give you the flexibility to create a bespoke design and incorporate your other features seamlessly. While stainless steel benches are a silver colour, other parts of your kitchen can be powder coated to give you a choice of different colour schemes and textures.

Prefabricated stainless steel benches

One of the biggest advantages of a prefabricated stainless steel bench is its portability. It’s generally used as a commercial kitchen bench or outdoor kitchen setting because they tend to cop a bit of a beating so are very durable and are easily replicated should more be required. As they are in a setting where they are getting wet and copping a fair amount of steam and moisture they also provide a solution for corrosion.

If the prefabricated bench system forms part of a shop front it’s also easy to move it around and change the layout. You may want to incorporate a bench to separate a hot and cold display section without changing the feel of the existing stainless steel cabinets for example. It’s easily done because they are light and easily moved if on wheels.

So if you would like more information on stainless steel products for your home and would like a free quote, give St Clair Sheetmetal a call today on (07) 5456 2711.

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