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The benefits of a stainless steel custom kitchen design

A stainless steel kitchen offers its users some amazing benefits, both in a commercial and a residential custom kitchen set up. Stainless steel surfaces are one of – if not the most – hygienic applications that exist for kitchens. They do not allow germs, dust or debris to settle and they are easily cleaned with a simple wipe down.


Stainless steel applications are the most durable form of sheet metal fabrication, as they are non-corrosive and do not rust easily. Generally, metals are quite reactive to water, acid and other liquids, which are abundant in the kitchen. However, stainless steel metal is particularly resilient and is highly long lasting – all they need is a regular clean with warm water.

The aesthetic

One of the major benefits, apart from its rust resistance, is that a stainless steel kitchen looks aesthetically pleasing with its captivating appeal and classy appearance. A custom kitchen design made from stainless steel allows its fabricator and designer an array of structures and options, and its natural colour and shine mean that it does not need any coating.

Long life

Out of all the sheet metal fabrication options, a custom kitchen made from stainless steel fabrication gives you the longest life span – it can last for more than a hundred years. The sheet metal fabrication process of stainless steel metal is fused iron and carbon, which creates a strong, sturdy and non-deteriorating metal. Therefore, a stainless steel kitchen, if cleaned and maintained, will stand the test of time.

It is sanitary

A neat, clean and sanitary kitchen is compulsory for commercial kitchens and a stainless steel metal custom kitchen will help you achieve this objective. Regularly cleaning a surface made from stainless steel metal will effectively remove any bacteria, fungi or unwanted germs, which will greatly reduce the risks of cross-contamination or food poisoning.

Commercial & residential stainless steel kitchens

A standard St Clair Sheetmetal stainless steel custom kitchen design is fabricated using 1.2mm 304 grade or 316 grade stainless steel; with 17mm ply substrate attached to cabinetry and framework. The 304 stainless steel grade can include integrated sinks and splashbacks, with shelving, as well as the cooktop, splashbacks, island and mobile benches. Our stainless steel metal can come in a variety of finishes and colours, from standard brushed to textured patterns.

Outdoor kitchens & bar areas

Stainless steel metal is also a perfect application for an outdoor custom kitchen design and bar area. These areas can be customized and incorporate barbecues, sinks, ice wells, drip trays, glass racks and many more accessories crafted from stainless steel fabrication. St Clair Sheetmetal are the sheet metal fabrication experts, specialising in the stainless steel fabrication of residential and commercial kitchens. We service clients throughout Queensland with their own custom kitchen design and products from bars and bench work, shelving and exhaust canopies to outdoor BBQ areas and balustrades for decks. Contact our team today on (07) 5456 2711 to arrange a free quote.

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