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The expert team at
St Clair Sheetmetal

is South East Queensland’s specialists in the production of top quality stainless steel applications and services to all types of commercial and domestic customers. We aim to provide a tailored service to ensure all of our stainless steel applications and products are custom-made to meet each individual customer’s exact requirements.

Our team specialises in sheet metal fabrication and the manufacturing of stainless steel products, as well as steel and aluminium. From kitchens and bars, shelving and exhaust canopies to outdoor BBQ areas and balustrades for decks.

Commitment & Expertise To Get The Job Done

We are also happy to perform maintenance work and provide on-going care to ensure that all of our customer’s stainless steel products retain their quality for years to come. 

We are constantly upgrading our knowledge in the sheet metal fabrication industry in order to offer the best possible service and stainless steel solutions for all of our customers. The team at St Clair Sheetmetal has the capabilities, commitment and expertise to get the job done.


Our Customers



Custom Applications

Commercial bars (four of) and full kitchen fit out at the Mayfair Ridge Tavern

Benefits of stainless steel

Stainless steel is a heat resistant, hygienic and, often, scratch resistant material that is suited to a range of applications, industries and functions. The material can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, as they are hardwearing and rust-resistant. This means that the stainless steel applications we manufacture are long lasting and aesthetically pleasing. 

Major benefits of choosing stainless steel include the material’s heat resistance, making it perfect for kitchen spaces and outdoor living areas where hot pots can be placed directly onto the stainless steel bench. The material is hygienic and easy to clean, especially with integrated stainless steel sinks, which removes any possibility for mould to build up around the edges. Depending on the finish selected, stainless steel benches can also be extremely scratch-resistant.

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