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Professional Restaurant Kitchen In Stainless Steel With Vegetables And Meat

Benefits of a custom-made stainless steel bench vs a prefabricated one

Custom-made stainless steel benches offer a flexibility for customisation that allows for both creativity and a practical solution for your needs. Prefabricated benches provide their own practicalities because you can ...
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Stainless steel

Different types of stainless steel and sheet metal applications

There are countless types of metals and alloys, from stainless steel metal to aluminium and numerous grades of carbon steel. Different types of metals are fabricated in distinctive ways dependent ...
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Stainless steel BBQ unit (domestic – Minyama)

The benefits of a stainless steel custom kitchen design

A stainless steel kitchen offers its users some amazing benefits, both in a commercial and a residential custom kitchen set up. Stainless steel surfaces are one of – if not ...
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